Self-Paced Courses:

Naris Communications has partnered with HRDQ to offer a series of self-paced courses to help you and your organization maintain the knowledge and skills needed to get results. Whether you need a refresher or an introduction to a certain module, these courses are perfect to help to get started. Here are a few items you need to know before you begin.

First of all, each course purchased will be open for period you select with unlimited access. Each course is a pdf file that takes an average of 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete. You will not be allowed to skip slides. To get the most out of the course, simply read each slide at your own pace and advance to the next slide only when you have fully grasped the content. The courses are not downloadable to your desktop; however, you can sign into your account from any electronic device and pick up where you left off.

Second, you will find a minimum of one "Test your Knowledge" question at the end of each module. Answer each question to the best of your ability, no pressure!

Third, at the end of each course is a Case Study to help you begin to apply the knowledge gained.

Please remember that completing this course is only the beginning. Continue to fine tune your skills by practicing your newly acquired skills daily. Being a life-long learner is a great personal attribute and we are delighted that you chose Naris Communications to be a part your journey.

Live Online courses:

Naris Communications offers a wide range of soft-skills courses taught by a master trainer, live online. These interactive courses are perfect for busy learners and cost-conscious managers.

We understand that everyone does not have the same learning style therefore, we take a blended approach to training that accommodate various learning styles, personal preferences, schedules, time, and performance goals. In addition to our Self-Paced Courses, we offer Live Online (synchronous) Courses taught by Master Trainer, Ms. Keera Godfrey, MBA, M.S. Through WizIQ, a virtual classroom and learning management system (LMS), you will join Keera for an interactive and engaging learning experience from anywhere in the world.

To prepare for the course, we highly recommend that you purchase and download the course materials found in the corresponding Self-Paced Course. You can pre-read the course materials and come prepared to learn new skills, collaborate with peers, and share your experiences with classmates from around the world. Upon successful completion of the online course, you will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion that will be email to you within 24-hours.

In-Class courses:

For groups of 12 or more, our courses and workshops may be taught on-site through our Corporate Training Program. To inquire about on-site training program, call Keera Godfrey at (678) 644-4445 or email

Try these fun and engaging workshops to kick-off your next team project or for your next team building event.


What’s My Communication Style (workshop):

The best way to improve communication skills is to build a better understanding of personal style and its impact on others. This What’s My Communication Style Workshop, begins with a powerful assessment that identifies a preference for one of four styles, highlights the communication behaviors that distinguish it, and then provides a practical and easy-to-use “language” that enables individuals to master their behavior and learn how to interpret the behavior of others—in any situation. Master Trainer Ms. Keera Godfrey MBA M.S. leads this 3-hour workshop that is sure to have a lasting impression on your workplace and among your team. Call Keera today to schedule your event.

Personality Style at Work (PSAW) (Workshop):

For 3.5 hours, Keera Godfrey will lead your team in an interactive self-revealing workshop that provides profound insights into who we are, why we respond to our colleagues the way we do, and how to build confidence from the inside out. You see, we are all unique in our own special ways, but researchers have consistently reported that there are several attributes common to all people, including where we choose to focus and what we choose to focus on. Recognizing that our preferences run along two continuums, from an internal focus to an external focus, and from a task focus to a relationship focus, helps us categorize personality into four unique personality styles: Direct, Spirited, Considerate, and Systematic.

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