what we do

  • Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly changing and adjusting to new environments, circumstances and people every day. Nothing we do today will be precisely the same as yesterday. And expect that tomorrow will present new opportunities and challenges, so be ready. That’s life!
  • Naris Communications is committed to helping leaders prepare their teams for planned organizational change, specifically new IT systems and process improvement. Through human-centered strategic engagements, our clients embrace a value-oriented vision for the future and are better able to communicate changing operations company-wide, increase change readiness at every level, improve leader confidence as change agents, and ultimately the organization is better able to meet its business goals.
  • Without a vision for the future, change becomes just another initiative that falls flat. And without a managed approach for leading transformational change, the hope and vision of a thriving organization with aligned systems and transparency is never realized.  We help organizational leaders cultivate alignment to move forward in one direction.
  • We also work closely with the project teams and end-users at all levels of the organization to manage the people-side of transformation initiatives. Because change is not successful without full adoption, we focus on attributes that influence a positive perception of work and constructive thinking about the planned change. 
  • Change and Resistance Management: Using our research-based 5E Change Model, we employ an integrated approach to transforming mindsets and behaviors from a current state to a desired future state and ensuring employees are ready, able, and willing to deliver against new expectations.
  • Digital Transformation and User Adoption: Leaning on research, over 20 years of experience, and our strategic partnership with Whatfix, an in-app digital adoption platform, we build solutions to help your employees learn new technology in the flow of work to minimize resistance and improve your employee experience.
  • Strategic Communication Planning and Activation: With a keen understanding of your business objectives, we design and deploy a strategic communication plan with messaging and tactics to engage employees with your strategy and enable performance success for your organization.
  • Learning and Development: As L&D professionals, we develop dynamic training and coaching programs that support learning and performance at all levels of your organization to improve ROI and achieve business objectives.
  • Business and Operational Excellence: Grounded in Lean principles, we deploy a philosophy of leadership and behavioral change that focuses on continuously improving business, transactional, and operational processes to empower transformational leaders and achieve real bottom-line results

How we do what we do

  • Our style of working with our clients embodies values of emotional safety, behavioral harmony, and emotional intelligence.
  • Through principles of transformational leadership and a research-based human-centered change model, we help leaders understand their stakeholders in ways that accelerate movement along the change curve. Our goal is to partner with leaders to build organizational ecosystems that enable and empower people to thrive by aligning to their greatest potential.
  • We empower our clients with tools to lead and adopt new ways of thinking thereby gaining clarity on their next move. The relief and joy that come with simply knowing what to do are indescribable. I want that for all my clients, they deserve it, we all do.