Keera Godfrey, M.S., MBA


Keera Godfrey, MBA, M.S. is a training and change management consultant with 20 years of experience in research, training and education, technical writing, process improvement, stakeholder communications, and organizational change management. As an adjunct professor for 6 years she taught in-class and online proposal writing and technical writing courses to aspiring engineers and technical communicators. In 2010, she co-developed and began teaching a 4-day Stakeholder Involvement Communications course for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers where she delivers seven of 15 modules, including Understanding Risk Perception and Communicating in Difficult Situations.

A turning point in her career, Keera joined a global manufacturing company in 2013 to lead the Operational Excellence Department’s training program. There, she was instrumental in building Lean Leader, a 4.5 day training workshop that led to over $2 million in cost savings in the first two months. By 2015, Keera took over the training program for the company’s global processes reengineering and implementation of a new information system. She modeled a corporate university structure and rolled out the Train-the-Trainer program to approximately 290 subject matter experts in 6 countries.

As a Certified Change Practitioner and Master Trainer, Keera is an entrepreneur, designing effective training and change management programs for organizational transformation, performance improvement, and information system implementations.