Adapting Your Leadership Style: The Four Behavior Styles and How to Make Them Work for You


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Leadership Style

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It’s no new discovery that people learn differently, which is why leaders need to understand how to communicate with each of their individual employees. In this program, you will assess your personal leadership style and learn to adapt your preferred style to each individual employee for multiple levels of communication, including motivation and feedback. By practicing and applying tools, you’ll be able to build connections with employees, facilitate productive meetings, and build rapport using verbal and nonverbal messages.

Module 1: Managing with Style
Module 2: The Communication Factor
fModule 3: Supportive Leadership
Review: Case Study

Learning Objectives
1. Understand the four behavior styles.
2. Recognize the communication factor in effective leadership.
3. Understand how to adjust your communication style to empower employees.
4. Understand how to use supportive leadership when dealing with each behavior style.

Meeting Agenda and Responsibilities Planner

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Course Length
1 hr 5 mins

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Self Paced, Live Online, In-Class


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