Coaching for Development: Help Employees Reach Their Full Potential


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Coaching Others

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An organization’s success relies on the performance of every employee and so it goes without saying that it is important to foster an atmosphere that allows for employee’s to grow with the company. The key to this is guidance. Coaching for Development is designed to help managers, supervisors, and leaders alike encourage individual performance to increase engagement and productivity rather than to use the traditional “command and control” method.

In this workshop, participants learn the key elements of building a successful coaching relationship and how to best implement them using a step-by-step coaching process; in addition, how to help an employee apply a development plan to individually improve their success as well as how to use effective strategies for overcoming common coaching challenges.

Module 1: Beginning the Coaching Process
Module 2: Goals and Development Plans
Module 3: Conducting Effective Coaching Sessions
Module 4: Monitoring Progress and Addressing Challenges

Learning Objectives
1. Discern the difference between coaching and other development strategies.
2. Recognize the key elements of successful coaching relationships.
3. Understand the coaching process and how to apply each step.
4. Identify common challenges to successful coaching.
5. Use effective strategies for managing challenges.
6. Establish and maintain a successful coaching relationship with an employee.


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Course Length
55 mins

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March 8-9

9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

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Time of Learning

Self Paced, Live Online, In-Class


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