Emotional Intelligence: A Scientifically Proven Method for Developing the Skills of Success


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Emotional Intelligence

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No doubt technical and task-oriented skills are important to bring to any working environment, but research has proven that real success comes from those who have honed the soft skill of emotional intelligence. No organization is without its ups, downs, and of course, turnarounds, which is why emotional intelligence is an essential aspect for anyone in the working field. In a world of deadlines, organizational changes, limited resources, and conflicting orders (to name a few stressors), having the ability to control your emotions is essential to navigating the unavoidably high-stress environment that often shapes the working world.

But it’s not just about taking control of your reactions to emotionally-charged situations. Emotional intelligence is recognizing your emotional triggers and knowing when and how to use them in a way that enables you to not only deal with these stressors objectively, but to also develop strong connections with your co-workers. Emotional Intelligence: A Scientifically Proven Method for Developing the Skills of Success, introduces the four essential aspects to honing this soft skill – intrapersonal skills, interpersonal skills, adaptability, and resilience – and strategies for developing each; helping you to confront issues, tackle problems, and manage change and stress with composure and clarity.

Topic 1: Intrapersonal Skills
Topic 2: Interpersonal Skills
Topic 3: Adaptability
Topic 4: Resilience
Review: Case Study

Learning Objectives
1. Understand how self-awareness and social awareness help you achieve emotional intelligence.
2. Recognize when and how to activate empathy and communicate assertively.
3. Understand how mastering emotional intelligence can advance your career..
4. Recognize how to control your emotions in high stress situations in the workplace.
5. Recognize how to develop confidence and gain accurate self-perception.


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Course Length
55 mins

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Self Paced, Live Online, In-Class


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