Leading Others Through Change: A Three-Phase Model for Success


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Leading Others Through Change

Course Description
Organizational shifts can bode either a positive or negative experience for those involved depending on how effectively they are led through the process. Leaders play a vital role in seeing that employees understand the benefits and new opportunities brought about by change. Leading Others Through Change recognizes that to effect a positive and productive experience, leaders must ACT – Activate the change, Create a Plan, and Transition the change. Using a 10-step process as its basis, this program takes participants through the three phases and identifies techniques for ensuring that the change is not only a success, but that it becomes a lasting part of the culture. They’ll learn to manage resistance, garner commitment, and increase motivation for the change from start to finish, including how to evaluate efforts in order to steer the success of future initiatives.

Module 1: Explore the Change
Module 2: Assess the Change
Module 3: Communicate the Plan
Module 4: Transition the Change
Module 5: Be an Effective Leader
Review: Case Study

Learning Objectives
This course will:
1. Provide clearer understanding of what happens to people when an organizational change initiative occurs.
2. Introduce the tools and techniques you can use to more effectively lead change efforts in your organization.
3. Prepare you to address the myriad of changes that come your way.

ACT Change Model Poster
Communication Checklist

# Quiz Questions

Course Length
1 hr 32 mins

Course Type

March 1 -2

9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

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Time of Learning

Self Paced, Live Online, In-Class


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