The Art of Influencing Others


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The Art of Influencing Others

Course Description
This highly interactive workshop lays the foundation for more effective communication—a necessary skill for having a powerful impact in any situation. Through a series of structured experiences, you’ll learn to develop and apply skills that improve your effectiveness when marketing your services in any situation. In fact, you’ll learn to develop creative ways to establish rapport and build relationships through a deeper awareness of the power of nonverbal communication; how to avoid common communication barriers; and how to recognize communication styles preferences to tailor your communication with different people and have a greater influence.

Topic 1: Building Rapport
Topic 2: Recognizing Communication Styles
Topic 3: Conflict Resolution Skills
Topic 4: Recipe for Success
Review: Case Study

Learning Objectives
I1. dentify the principles of influence and persuasion.
2. List skills needed to build rapport and develop genuine relationships.
3. Recognize differences in communication styles.
4. Identify ways to tailor your communication style to increase your influence with others.


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Course Length
1 hr 20 mins

Course Type

March 15-16

9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

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Time of Learning

Self Paced, Live Online, In-Class


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