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An Integrated Approach to Training Management by Keera S. Godfrey, M.S., MBA

By pwsadmin | January 13, 2018

We often hear that knowledge is power. However, in my experience, knowledge alone does not have the power to change behavior or guarantee performance. For example, I have knowledge that eating a warm brownie with ice-cream would interfere with my weight loss plan, but knowledge alone and even a Bachelor’s in Health Science does little […]

3 Must Do’s When Communicating Change By: Keera Godfrey, MBA, M.S.

By pwsadmin | January 11, 2018

To change means to become altered, modified, transformed or converted. At every level, whether it is personal, in business, political, or social among friend or family, all of us have experienced change that alter our lives. Whether the change is invited or not, it seems to penetrate our lives and demand our full attention. It […]

4 Keys to Cross-Cultural Training

By pwsadmin | January 10, 2018

Some time ago, I watched a movie about an American guy who traveled to India for business. His job was to train people in customer service in the new division in India. He arrived in India during the summer months wearing a suit and tie.  A driver whose job was to take the American guy […]