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Leaving Normal

How to Let Go and Move the Heck On Kindle Edition

Change is an inevitable part of life and necessary for growth. How can we achieve our dreams, expand our boundaries, or fulfill our destiny, if our minds and behaviors remain the same? Movement is a part of growing and evolving. “Leaving Normal” is about learning how to change direction beyond your comfort zone in pursuit of your goals and passion. It is also about embracing the change journey, becoming our true and authentic selves, and meeting our greatest potential.

How and why does a 16-year-old girl leave her normal life in The Bahamas to live in the United States? Dr. Keera shares the answer through personal stories and experiences that were turning points leading her to where she is today.

Dr. Keera takes readers through her five-step D-PART ModelTM for navigating change, getting unstuck, and achieving goals with confidence. Each chapter is dedicated to exploring a step in the model. Through storytelling, readers are guided through the process of value-based decision-making, setting boundaries, designing a plan, recognizing roadblocks, and finishing strong.