• Dr. Keera Godfrey facilitated an in-person Transformational Leadership training for school level principals. The training was very informative and engaging. The activities embedded in the training were relevant to the needs of the group and provided practical solutions. The training truly helped us as individuals and as a team to be more effective and solution-driven when meeting the high demands of our day-to-day responsibilities. – ISOLDA ANTONIO, PRINCIPAL, Orange County Public School District
  • To excel, teams need consistent support, inspiration, motivation, and opportunities for personal growth. For this reason, I enrolled in the Transformational Leadership course by Dr. Keera Godfrey. This course provided the education and understanding that I need as a leader to evolve beyond garden variety administrator to “engagement and inspiration partner” with the team. – CHARLES JAMES, EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN, Business Solutions Consortium
  • Overall, I really enjoyed the Becoming a Transformational Leader course and found it to be very engaging, I appreciated all the handouts and Participant Guide. It provides relevant and supportive information that allows participants to not only learn but to continue learning on their own. Module 2 has been my favorite module regarding both content (just what I needed!) and the way Dr. Godfrey presents it. By the end of the course, I understood all four attributes of a transformational leader and how they are connected. Overall, I love this course! – MEG HOLT, DISC BEHAVIORAL ANALYST, Advocate Builders District
  • Keera Godfrey is an accomplished academic and proven practitioner when it comes to proposal management techniques and technical writing for proposals, publications and grants. I had the privilege to see Keera’s innovative and energetic teaching techniques for her Proposal Writing course. I came away from the experience with a new appreciation for Keera’s proposal development and technical writing knowledge as well as her ability to tailor lesson plans to her audience. – FRANK RUSSO, PRINCIPAL, FedConsultants LLC