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What is Digital Transformation?

What is Digital Transformation? As a Digital Adoption and Transformation Strategist, I see a fair amount of confusion about the terms “Digitization” and “Digital Transformation.” Here’s an overview of both terms to clarify expectations and define their roles in helping businesses thrive in a digital economy. Why Digital Transformation:  “Digital transformation positions a company to […]

ChatGPT: Are we gaining or losing?

Where were you when you first heard about #ChatGPT the new open-source artificial intelligence (AI) software that has become the primary topic of conversation over the past few months? I was scrolling through TikTok a few weeks ago when a video about ChatGPT captured my attention. To my surprise, the blogger predicted that ChatGPT would be greater […]

3 Keys to Making Your Ideas Sticky

We have all heard, “if you want lasting change, you must make it sticky.” Naturally, the corresponding question you may be asking now is “How do I make it sticky?” The answer is simple, yet it’s complicated. I believe the answer lies in the definition of sticky. According to Google, sticky means “tending or designed […]