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4 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

I am a writer.  That is who I am and I am proud of it. I enjoy selling ideas, thoughts, and perspectives on paper. I say selling because I believe there is a bit of persuasiveness in all types of writing. When we write, we are appealing to our audience to continue reading, to turn […]

3 Things People Should Be Doing For Success

Our individual definition of success is subject to many factors. I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1992 and enrolled in my senior year of high school. Eager to get on with our lives, there were many hallway and classroom conversations about college. However, I was surprised by the many students who were not seeking to […]

Self-awareness: The foundation of effective leadership

To wake up means to regain consciousness. I get it, some people need a louder alarm clock to wake up. I am not referring to a physical alarm clock, although it makes a great analogy. I am referring to the fact that something unfortunate has to happen in order for some people to recognize that […]

Debunking 3 Myths About Introverts

You may not hear them, but they are all around you, listening, talking, laughing, smiling, thinking and often watching the clock while scoping out the nearest exit. Yes, I am talking about introverts in the room. The terms introvert and extrovert were popularized by psychologist Carl Jung in the early 1900s. Introvert means to turn […]

How to Simplify and Improve Productivity

This article is featured in the second issue of Leaders and Thinkers Magazine. Recently I wrote an article about success and three things people should be doing to achieve it. One of the things was to simplify. So today I want to provide a guide on how to simplify your life, daily tasks, or even […]